a smiling Skai Lejaview of a perennial border, with a red Japanese Maple in the backgroundhammocks in the woodssmall paved patio in front of a shrub border and a pink crabapple in bloommixed planting of hostas, columbines, evergreens and Woodland Phloxa substantial wooden gate, part of a pergola-topped arbourcurving stone path through a perennial planting with a red maple in the backgroundbold clumps of pink coneflowers in full bloomview across shade plantings of lime-coloured coral bells and low yews towards a front doorclump of daisies surrounded by ornamental grasses and dayliliesblue Catmint and yellow and red Columbines in front, ornamental grasses behindraised planter filled with Stephanandra and Hydrangeasshade planting of Blue Oat Grass, Japanese anemones and Hydrangeacherry blossoms against a blue sky

Does your garden sing?

If you are working to create an outdoor space that soothes and delights you, I’d love to be your partner in the journey! We can brainstorm around your goals, map out possibilities, establish a budget and connect you to contractors.