Gardens have always been an integral part of my life.

Skai LejaCultivating an oasis around my home and observing plants and gardens is second nature. Whether I’m abroad or walking in my neighbourhood, my eyes are always open to the particularities of the landscape. I watch for unfamiliar plants as well as familiar plants thriving or experiencing difficulty.

Along the way I’ve come to recognize how vital regular contact with the natural world is. The view of trees through my windows, the sound of birdsong, the ever-changing pageant of plants that escort me from my doorstep to the sidewalk and the busy city beyond provide a welcome reminder that life is bigger than the concerns of the moment.

At heart I am a teacher and a storyteller. I develop gardens in collaboration with my clients. My knowledge and experience can help you create outdoor spaces that set the stage for your stories.

Since 1998, I’ve translated my personal passion into a livelihood creating gardens for others.

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